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3.1 檢定書機構 3.2 數碼證書 3.3 黑客 3.4 電腦病毒 3.5 Cookies 3.6 版權 3.7 專利權 3.8 色情資訊

3.3 黑客



Robert Mirrors

1986 present

Crashing 6,000 Net-linked computers earned Morris the distinction of being the first person convicted under the Act's computer-crime provision.

Zero Tolerance

1994 present

broke into Citibank's computers and made unauthorized transfers totaling more than $10 million from customers' accounts. Citibank recovered all but about $400,000, but the scare sealed the deal.

Phiber Optik

1980-1991 present

Starting in 1990 LOD and MOD engaged in almost two years of online warfare -- jamming phone lines, monitoring calls, trespassing in each other's private computers. Then the Feds cracked down. For Phiber, that meant jail. End of an era.